Hogart Data Transformation Platform

Unique reporting platform enabling data connection and reporting in any required format and structure (XML, XBRL etc.).

Our platform enables dedicated reporting to any headquarters or institutions requiring particular data formats (such as XML, XBRL, Us_Gaap, MSR etc.). We have connectors or can prepare one to any needed data source such as ERP systems (SAP, Infor, Oracle, IFS, Navision, Axapta etc.), databases, MS Excel or CSV files.

Our platform is used by hundreds of companies to connect, transform and transfer data in fully automated manner.


If You have different data sources, You need to connect them to see the real picture. We know how to connect data from SAP, Infor, Oracle, IFS or any other ERP system, across Your hybrid environment. Once all Your data sources are connected You need to see and understand Your integrated and collected data. That is why we mapp it to transpond from an IT language to the form Your people understand, with proper data meaning (headers and names) in a tabular 'Excel' format and enabling easy sorting, grouping or searching for data.


Once You can see and understand Your data You need to have the ability to securely manipulate Your data (map, amend and correct) in order to finally transform it to the required format. Our platform enables secure data conversions. Any changes made are registered and there’s a full audit trial of all changes done. After all process steps are archived, You have full tracking of the whole process of data preparation, collection, amendments, all maps used and results received and archived, before and after reaching its destination.


After data preparation, You can electronically sign and transfer Your data via any API or direct connection to any DB or folder. Moreover You can connect and transfer Your data to required web portals, securely transfer properly signed and prepared data to any destination You need, such as headquarters or officials (like ministries of finance, health or justice, European Commission, headquarters etc.).


The whole process of collection, data signing, transformation and transfer can be fully tracked and audited, but perhaps the most important thing is that it can be fully automated. Each step can be automatically done by the system, with any step accomplished by the built-in software robot reported to operator via email. This way the administrator or process supervisor can only concentrate on those process steps that need user’s help, while the remaining ones are done automatically with the delivery of proper status information of its completion by email.

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We produce a broad range of software and modules (for SAP, IFS and other ERPs) including: Invoicing (web application), Debt collection automation module, JPK – SAF-T VAT reporting, White List, Active VAT tax payer, eStatements, eDeclarations, ZSMOPL reporting for pharma companies, Polish localization package for ERPs, and many others.

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We program business applications on demand and specialize in integration projects where there is a need for data access, manipulation, conversions, transfers, visualizations, extracts, remapping, exporting in any format (XLS, csv, XML), to any destination, such as email, file format, folders and/or portals (Webservices/API).

We specialize in process automation, system notifications/alerting and building robots on demand.

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Business Intelligence​

We are business intelligence​ competent, and our business intelligence​ departments deliver licenses and services to all three leading business intelligence​ technologies that we have on site, namely Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik.

We have done plenty of projects, with one of our most notable being for Dentos, the biggest law company in the world. In this project, we were responsible for the delivery of report packages for the whole EMEA region.

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